Proactive Customer Engagement


Proactive Customer Engagement

Reach more customers, more successfully, at less cost

Propel your proactive customer engagement to new levels. Offer timely support to customers, using autonomous, 2-way text – at any point in their digital journey.

Surging sales, reduced costs, higher CSAT scores

Provide advice, information and updates by text – at just a fraction of the cost of calling. And as text boasts a 98% read rate within minutes of being received, your messages are assured of gaining the widest reach.

What’s more, your customers can reply to every message you send, and will love the convenience and ease of engaging with you by text. So, sit back and watch as your customer satisfaction rates soar, your sales surge, and your operational costs plummet.



Contact your customers proactively at any point in their digital journey, using Interactive Text Messaging.


Give your customers the help they want, when they want it with autonomous,    2-way text conversations.


End customer queues. Add a a keyword call-to-action and hand-off to live agent via text-chat or callback.

Here's how it works

Chatabox sends an SMS Text to your customer list

Customers reply via a text-chat or callback keyword

Each customer receives the text

Chatbot assists with transaction or queues for agent

Chatbot waits in voice queue for agent

Chatabot passes customer information to agent and assists with 2-way interaction

Chatabox whispers customer information to agent and automatically calls customer back

5 Reasons to Start Now

  • Chatabox cloud service can be added to your contact center in hours
  • 6x the open rate of email - with a more compelling call-to-action
  • Immediately boosts queue related KPI's
  • Significantly lower in cost and more effective than dialing
  • Operates seamlessly with your inbound call queues
  • Customers love it !


Powerful, automated solutions that are up-and-running in hours.


Convert more renewal customers at less cost, using our interactive notifications, automated renewal processing, and seamless transfer to live agent when required.


Our virtual agent supplements and expands your outbound dialing teams by automatically contacting and engaging customers, processing payments and instantly transferring to a blended inbound agent.


Reach more customers, drive inbound traffic, respond instantly, and engage in auto-conversations - adding a live person anytime with zero customer wait time.

Call Deflection

Handle more interactions with less staff by moving in-queue customers to autonomous, interactive text messaging and self-service. Transfer multiple text chats to a single live agent when needed.

Appointment Scheduling

Automate appointments, delivery schedules, confirmations, rescheduling and cancellations via interactive text messaging, with transfer to live agent only if required.

Call & Web Rescue

Rescue visitors who abandon your voice queue, or your web page at a critical stage, using text to re-engage them fast. And if necessary, prioritize them for live interaction.

Main Features

Available as a monthly service from the cloud

Simple Campaign Creation

Create on-going campaigns with automated contact list feeds, or deploy fast, one-off campaigns, using our web-based administration portal.

Multiple 2-Way SMS Chat

Engage multiple customers in live, 2-way SMS conversations, using Chatabox Agent Desktop, LiveChat, Microsoft Teams, or your multi-channel contact center.

Text To Callback

Engage multiple customers in live, 2-way SMS conversations, using Chatabox Agent Desktop, LiveChat, Microsoft Teams, or your multi-channel contact center.

Autonomous Interaction

Offer the convenience of self-service 24X7 to answer questions and automate transactions, using keywords or Natural Language Understanding – adding human assistance only when essential.

Call Diversion & Callback IVR

Greet your inbound, in-queue callers with the offer to exit the queue. They can choose to chat via SMS Text, receive a scheduled callback, or have their place held in-queue and receive a callback when an agent is free.

Dashboard & Analytics

Campaign performance is provided on a real-time dashboard and analysed using standard reports, extracts or a direct feed into Microsoft’s Power BI advanced analytics software.

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