Real-time customer feedback by text


Real-time customer feedback by text

Know What Your Customer Thinks

right now!

Survey is simply the most cost-effective and least intrusive method of gathering fast, actionable feedback from your customers. And as SMS achieves the highest open and response rates compared to any other channel, Chatabox Survey means you can gather more feedback, more quickly from customers who are more than happy to engage.


Boost survey response rates and gain instant customer feedback after every interaction.


Monitor customer feedback in real-time to optimize service levels and enable immediate corrective action.


Rescue dissatisfied customers and turn them into loyal fans with auto-escalation to 2-way SMS chat or callback.

Why use SMS Customer Feedback?

  • 6x the response rates of email, web, and after-call surveys
  • Automatically rescue dissatisfied customers
  • Quicker and less intrusive for customers
  • Immediate, real-time feedback for on-going service optimization
  • Our cloud service can be added to your contact center in hours

Main Features

Delivered from Microsoft Azure Cloud

Instant Customer Feedback

Rapidly create, change, and deploy automated or adhoc surveys for real-time customer feedback, using our web-based admin portal.

SMS Or Telephone

Collect customer feedback via SMS or automated phone calls to maximize response rates for you – and convenience for your customers.

Single Or Multi-Question

Monitor real-time performance with single ratings or gain in-depth, multi-question insight, using rating scores, multiple choice, or free text answers.

Customer Rescue

Rescue dissatisfied customers who leave poor feedback ratings with immediate auto-escalation to SMS Text chat or callback.

Simple Integration

Schedule or upload customer contact lists anytime from your CRM or integrate directly with your business system, using our REST API.

Dashboard & Analytics

Monitor feedback in real-time and analyse results, using standard reports, extracts, or a direct feed into Microsoft’s Power BI advanced analytics software.

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