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SMS in Healthcare:
SMS: Why use it. How to use it. How to stay HIPAA and GDPR compliant
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What You'll Learn

SMS text messaging in healthcare
What Text Can Do For You
  • 2-way text messaging is transforming the healthcare industry with its unrivaled ability to connect with patients and healthcare staff in the fastest and most reliable way. Delivering astonishing benefits for patients, it radically boosts the day-to-day business of healthcare – yet costs just pennies per message.
US & European Union compliance
How You Can Stay Compliant
  • Under HIPAA and GDPR regulations your healthcare organization can communicate with your patients by text – but you must do so with care. This tells you how to keep on the right side of the regulators to avoid hefty fines.
Doctor Surgeon SMS text messaging
How You Can Use SMS for Maximum Advantage
  • Discover how the most successful healthcare teams use text messaging to positively impact: patient health outcomes, the quality of patient care, organizational productivity – and that all-important bottom-line.
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