Intelligent Text Self-Service


Intelligent Text Self-Service

Automated inbound texts and no-wait customer care

ChataBot, our virtual SMS Bot, offers unsurpassed, intelligent text self-service for your customers.

Handling inbound text interactions automatically, ChataBot gives your visitors immediate support by text.

Powered by AI and Natural Language Understanding, ChataBot understands everything your customers write. It guides them quickly to the answers they seek and helps them to complete transactions more conveniently by themselves.



Give customers the help they want, when they want it with autonomous, natural-language assistance.


Empower customers to manage transactions, make amendments, and get updates easily with Text.


Live assistance is always close by with seamless hand-off to text-chat or callback – so no customer ever has to queue.

Autonomous SMS Interaction

With Natural Language Understanding

90% of customers prefer to engage with companies by Text, but when they don’t receive an immediate response, they go elsewhere. ChataBot lets you respond to customer texts instantly – 24×7 – with no increase in labor costs. And with a seamless, automated hand-off to live text-chat or callback, ChataBot guarantees self-service with the human touch.

Revolutionary Engagement

Rich Communication Service

The next evolution of SMS – Rich Communication Service (RCS) – is set to revolutionize the customer experience, and Chatabox is at the vanguard. Chatabox with RCS gives you the power to stand out from the crowd by providing high quality, differentiated content that customers actually want to engage with. And as more customers mean more sales, what’s not to love?


Powerful, automated solutions that are up-and-running in hours


Retain more customers at less cost, using a virtual assistant to handle renewals, questions and payments - by Text. Seamless hand-off to a live agent when required.


Offer delivery tracking, rescheduling or answer shipping queries autonomously via interactive text messaging, with transfer to live agent only if required.


Use Text for automating payments, rent collection, problem reporting, emergency requests and general  enquiries, with hand-off to live agent when required.

Appointment Management

Automate appointment bookings, updates, rescheduling and cancellations via interactive text messaging, with transfer to live agent only if required.

Local Government

Accelerate digital transformation and lower costs with automated, interactive Text. Handle waste collections, missed bins, large-item collections, bin ordering and general enquiries faster and more efficiently.


Handle more interactions with less staff by moving in-queue customers to autonomous, interactive text messaging and self-service. Transfer multiple text chats to a single live agent when needed.

Main Features

Delivered securely from the Cloud

Autonomous Assistance

Our digital virtual assistant answers FAQ’s, using AI-powered Natural Language Understanding and a high-performing, in-built knowledge base.

Text Self-Service

Quick and convenient, ChataBot integrates with your business or eCommerce systems so customers can use the convenience of Text to manage transactions, get updates, or make changes for themselves.

Call Deflection

Offer your inbound, in-queue callers the option of exiting the queue to chat via SMS Text, or to have their place held in-queue and receive a callback when an agent is free.

Conversation Designer

Modify a pre-built application or create a bot from scratch, and tailor each autonomous customer interaction via the easy-to-use, web based bot designer.

Hand-Off To Live

With seamless hand-off to live-assistance when needed, Text conversations always continue uninterrupted. Text-chats can also be escalated to an instant callback or scheduled for later.

Live Text Chat Applications

Text chat with customers requiring live assistance with our Click-n’-Text app, our multi-tasking agent desktop, or directly from your CRM or Contact Centre system.

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